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                              TODAY WE CONQUER THE CAT!                  

Spring is finally here & naturally everyone wants to be outdoors creating wonderful memories of their kids - two &/or four legged!

Clients are always asking how I get the animals to cooperate so well for their photography with me. 
First of all, please know that it didn't come overnight!   I have been a professional animal trainer for a couple decades and have developed a way of communicating with the animals to build trust and mutual understanding.   For many years some people only knew me as Dr. Doolittle.   But today I am not here to help you train your animal; rather to get a great portrait of your cat outside.



First and most importantly,  if you have an indoor cat that is not accustomed to being outside do not expect him to sit and stay for a picture on his first outdoor adventure.  Invest in a cat harness and leash & take him for outdoor walks to get him/her acclimated to the outdoors.  
*Indoor cats that escape can become ferrel very quickly due to fear, so don't take any chances.
Be sure your cat is calm and relaxed before you try photographing him or her.   Once all signs of
rigor mortis or cougar like movements have disappeared you may have a calm cat ready for a
I also recommend that you have a helper to focus on the cat while you focus on your focus!

1)  LOOK FOR A BACKGROUND that is not only safe but compliments the cats coloring.  A background that adds contrast to the body will make the cat stand out.  Cats are known for their big beautiful eyes so look for tones that compliment eye color as well.

2)  CAREFULLY PLACING YOUR CAT ON A TABLE, fence, chair, etc is helpful in getting them to stay.   Slowly place your cat on the surface where you will be photographing him & firmly pet or scratch his head to give him a sense of security & calm.  If you are unsure about his willingness to 
stay, leave the harness and leash on.  DO NOT TAKE CHANCES on loosing your cat!  Sometimes 
things like bright colored harnesses/leashes even add interest to your photograph.
Have your assistant stand close by just out of camera range in case the cat decides modeling is not
for him.  Very gradually release your hold on the cat.

3)  BE PATIENT & BE READY.  The key to my success with animal photography above all else is patience.  Animals don't understand what you are trying to do and further more, they really don't care!
When was the last time you saw a cat thumbing through a family album?
Talk calmly to your cat and slowly put the camera to your eye - wait and be ready for that
perfect pose.  If you want your cat to look at you, make a little noise to get his attention.  Cats
are more likely to flee if the noise is loud or sudden.   

4)  REASSURE YOUR CAT in between shots.  Don't expect him to sit for a long time without some type of compensation.  Treats?  Sure if he'll accept them in this new location.  If not, just petting and 
sweet talking will generally encourage them into sticking around for a few more pictures.

5)  LET YOUR CAT BE HIMSELF.  Some of the best photographs are captured when a pet
is just being natural & for cats that might be cleaning himself, looking over his shoulder or even sharpening his claws.   

                       Get creative and have fun but always be sure your pet is having fun too!

Posted on 10 April 2013 | 8:53 pm

Wow...we've been so busy building our new photography studio that I haven't said  "Hi" in a while!  

Our brand new studio is now located at our farm in Spring Valley, Ohio.
 Easy to find and just 1.5 miles east off Rte 42 at  861 W. Spring Valley Paintersville Rd.
Spring Valley, Ohio  45370.

It is definitely photographers heaven here.  The studio is unbelievable and now we have the
option to walk right out our french doors for portraits with mother nature!
                                                                                                               The choice is yours!

I can't wait to create more vignettes about the farm as backdrops for our clients!

Lots of people have been calling to see our new studio and we LOVE visitors!
All you have to do is call our studio:  937-433-8771 and set up a convenient time
for a visit!    The photography experience itself is just as important as the final portraits
so we don't like to interrupt with client sessions.  We'll schedule your visit at a time that
we can devote just to you!  

Call our studio:  937-433-8771 to set up a visit or a photography session.

We do have a  C R A Z Y   G O O D   promotion going on for Mother's Day.   We've never
given away so much for so little.   Be sure to call right away as there are limited times available
and the expiration date is April 30th.

       Thank you for visiting our site now call and visit our studio!

                  "LIKE" us on FACEBOOK !!

Posted on 30 March 2013 | 2:00 pm

We are back

That Pet Photo Studio is back online.

Posted on 3 March 2012 | 7:17 pm

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